We’ve revealed the first information about our mission, vision and a sneak-peak about the upcoming products in a press release that we shared with media outlets on 13th of December 2018.

Michal Kicinski, co-founder of the massively successful gaming company behind acclaimed The Witcher series – CD Projekt, ventures into sustainable, minimalistic, and distraction-free technology with his brand Mudita.

Warsaw, 2018.12.13 – Michal Kicinski is an entrepreneur with 18 years of experience at CD Projekt, a major international gaming company. He is one of the key people behind the global success of The Witcher game. After stepping down from his position with the intention of slowing things down and finding a more harmonious way of life for himself, he started to propagate a similar, health-based approach in his new initiatives. Now Kicinski is back to his ‘native’ tech industry to translate those ideas into consumer electronics with his new brand Mudita, co-founded with innovative entrepreneurs Lukasz Anwajler and Tomasz Nosal, founders of the successful venture building company App’n’roll.

Further details about the company and their upcoming offer will be revealed at the beginning of 2019 during the CES conference in Las Vegas and the first Mudita product will be released at the end of the year. The company was named after a Buddhist term for joy which has its source in the well-being of other people. The ambition of Mudita is to design consumer electronics that put physical and mental health first, with a human factor at the core of everything they do.

How did Michal arrive at this approach? The founder of Mudita started his first business in high school, selling games at a local market and ended up building a gaming empire. However, this kind of busy life was taking its toll, year after year.

“I was really exhausted. My main goal was to make The Witcher globally recognizable. It required enormous effort. We were complete newcomers in the game development field, and we came from a far Eastern European country without much of a game development tradition”,  says Michal.

He decided to gradually step back once The Witcher 2 on Xbox 360 was released, although he remains one of its biggest shareholders. His last day of work was when the now-famous Cyberpunk 2077 trailer was released in January 2013.

“Until then, CD Projekt was almost all my life. But I had other interesting ideas to explore, and at that moment, I decided that was high time to do it”, adds Michal.

After stepping back from CD Projekt, Michal started to explore ways of living life in a more harmonious way. This brought him to meditation and began a big change in his professional life. He started investing in organizations that combine entrepreneurial spirit with having a positive impact on other people’s lives. He got involved in creating retreat centers in Peru (Munay Sonqo) and Poland (Oddechowo and Dhamma Pallava). He also founded Wegeguru, one of the best vegan restaurants in Warsaw. He decided to support a medical start-up called Medizzy, aimed at building the world’s largest community for educating present and future medical professionals.

This path led him back to technology, where it began. Similar to his efforts with The Witcher and CD Projekt, from the beginning it was about changing the rules of the game. That’s why, while crafting high quality products, Mudita decided to release its manifesto first. In the graceful form of a music album.

The album is called Halfway To The Beginning and it’s the debut of Canadian artist Nick Lewis. Nick and Michal met in Peru.

“I’ve really enjoyed his music and I tried not to skip any live performances. I also recorded some songs on my portable recorder. I asked Nick if he could provide me with more, professionally recorded ones. To my surprise, he said he didn’t have any. I have quite a good ear for music and I really appreciate his mastery of guitar play, his singing, song composition and of course lyrics. Positive, sensitive and heart opening”, says Michal.

With no experience in the music industry, he invited Nick to Poland to record his first album. They found a fully analog studio, probably the best place of this kind in Poland. The Rolling Tapes studio was founded by Marek Schwartz in the beautiful mountain village Srebrna Gora. “We brought in a variety of instruments and… left Nick there with Marek. After less than a month, the whole album was ready. And I wasn’t wrong, the effect, for me, is amazing. It makes me feel better and I know that was the goal for Nick”, concludes Michal. The message of the album is to live a happy, fulfilling and harmonious life. Which is a key part of Mudita’s mission as a company.

The album was promoted with three singles, with videos available here:

You Are Holy

Always with You

Bring The Light

Recording his debut album was just the beginning of Nick Lewis’ cooperation with Mudita. As a composer and multi-instrumentalist, he was invited to create tunes for upcoming products. During a special studio session, he recorded the soothing sounds of koshi bells, Tibetan bowls, guitar and ukulele.

Mudita will release its first products in 2019. The brand stands for improving the quality of life by building a balanced relationship with technology. It promotes the message: Keep your smartphone away from your bedroom and sleep better. That’s why it decided to release Mudita Bell, a modern alarm clock with the E Ink display, high quality speaker, meditation timer and gentle, acoustic alarms.

The main project of the company is Mudita Pure, a classic mobile phone created to support physical and mental health. It has a high resolution E Ink display, safe, proprietary operating system and the lowest radiation level in the world. The Mudita Pure initial prototype will be first shown at CES 2019 conference, Las Vegas, in January. It will also receive a Kickstarter crowdfunding campaign, starting soon.


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