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We make devices that bring balance and quality to your life. Designed to help you find calm and joy in the everyday.

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Mudita phone

We are Mudita

We create humane products, putting your well-being first

Our team is developing a mobile phone which supports your conscious use of technology. Inspired by your wise choices. We’re launching soon.

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What we stand for

Great things happen when we are fully present

We’d like to find deeper focus, get more done and build authentic relationships. Instead we often choose the temporary buzz we get from scrolling through our screens. Without constant distractions you can find peace of mind more easily and make room for amazing things.

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We are responsible for the world we live in

We need humane products, designed using sustainable materials. Replacing our devices every year is not an option, so we have to make sure they last. We can’t accept the privacy violations a number of tech companies have initiated and how their decisions negatively affect society.

Wise use of technology protects us from negative effects

Device overuse can be harmful for our eyes and posture, especially to children. There are also concerns related to our increased exposure to radiation. The influence of artificial sources, such as mobile phones, hasn’t been thoroughly studied yet but initial results make us cautious about the possible dangers.

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We need to be the shift

We make our products as minimalistic as possible, not screaming for attention, not interfering with your life needlessly. We put your physical and mental health in the centre.

Distraction free

Distraction free



Low radiation

Low radiation

Privacy protection

Privacy protection

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