Mobile phones,
once created to connect,
are now putting more distance between us.

People are sitting next to each other and using smartphones.

Lets be conscious about the influence that our devices have on our relationships, health and the environment.

Great things only happen when we are fully present

Woman with nature

We start to favour online interactions over reality

We choose to go through a feed of irrelevant updates over a moment of full presence or self-reflection.

be conscious

It’s a spiral. Our over-dopamined brains want more, like a drug addict, causing real-life experiences to appear boring and unfulfilling.

We stop talking to each other

Digital distractions influence our relationships with friends and family.

pay attention

We’ve gotten used to scrolling through our screens while having dinner, or talking to a partner or colleague. This is not OK.

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Woman with nature

We feel overwhelmed

Distracting notifications trigger a compulsion to check your phone every couple of minutes. These addictive behaviours lead to anxiety and stress.

be conscious

Your time and attention are precious. Not just for you, but also for a number of companies that compete to monetize it.

We need to be better parents

Our children need to develop their sense of self offline. It’s our duty to help them.

pay attention

As parents we are responsible for educating on 
how to use technology in a safe and intentional way.

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We create the world we live in

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We demand sustainable production

Long life of products and sustainable materials are one of the most important features our devices will have.

be conscious

We want to protect our planet and produce with respect for local communities.

Privacy protection is a must

Leaks of data and our lack of control are alarming and we need tools to protect ourselves.

pay attention

We’re giving away more private information than we might want to.

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We all deserve a fair workplace

We are based in Europe and help grow the environment which supports an ethical working model.

be conscious

We care for the people we work with, ensure good conditions, intellectual property protection and social benefits.

Technology gave us a lot of commodities but took too much of our actual joy. The joy of being close to our families, friends, nature and our full presence. This is a challenge for a new kind of tech company.

- Michał Kiciński, the founder of Mudita

Let's be cautious about the long term effects of current technology

Mobile phone radiation exposure

There are concerns about the possible health effects of intensive mobile phone usage.

be conscious

All electronic devices contain information which warns against keeping your device in direct contact with your head or body.

Woman with bag
Woman with bag

Blue light emission

Chronic exposure to blue light in the evening can lower the production of melatonin, the hormone that regulates sleep, which disrupts your circadian rhythm.

Pay attention

Overuse of digital screens can also lead to digital eye strain which includes blurry vision, difficulty focusing, dry and irritated eyes or headaches.

Tech neck and texting thumb

Hand muscle injuries are becoming more common due to repetitive motions of gripping, tapping and swiping. Bending your head to look at your mobile phone puts additional pressure to your neck.

pay attention

Devices overuse can result in chronic pain and even influence your posture

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