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Protect your family with an eco-friendly pad that blocks up to 99% of laptop radiation.

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Meet ekopad

An eco-friendly, handmade solution to the problem of radiation exposure.
It is just as effective when used on your lap as it is when used on a desk.



Using ekopad is easy and convenient. Due to its exceptional design, this laptop radiation shield will be unobtrusive in virtually all interiors. With ekopad, working on your laptop has never been safer, as proved by the Institute of Power Engineering, Polish Academy of Sciences.


Our mission is to develop healthy solutions for a digital world. We’ve utilized ecologically friendly materials, ekopad’s external material is made from washable paper certified by Oeko-Tex and Forest Stewardship Council. We invented ekopad to help protect yourself and your family from the non-ionizing radiation emitted by electronic devices.

Ekopad layers

Blocks 98.72% of radiation

Patented and laboratory tested ADR-PRO™ technology provides you with the best protection from electromagnetic radiation.

Lightweight & portable

Due to its unique technology, ekopad is so light that it can be easily used on the go (62g).

Handmade & eco

Handmade in EU. All of the materials used in production are ecologically friendly.

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There is a possibility that children are more sensitive to non-ionizing radiation because unlike previous generations, their exposure to it is significantly higher.

Scientific research has proved that in children exposed to radiation from their youngest years, there is an increased risk of developing brain tumours and leukemia in adulthood.

Pregnant women

Expectant mothers exposed to radiation are risking their baby’s development.

Studies have shown that prenatal exposure to radiation may cause behavioral problems, like hyperactivity in later childhood. Radiation exposure is also linked to premature births or miscarriages in the early stages of pregnancy.

Office Workers

People working in the IT industry, freelance writers or office workers are exposed to laptop radiation during most of their day. They are more vulnerable to the long-term health effects of radiation, one of which is infertility in men. Working with a laptop in direct contact with your body can also cause toasted skin syndrome.

Impact of laptop radiation on your body

Non-ionizing electromagnetic radiation from laptops and other devices is known to affect the human body in various ways. The long-term physical effects of this  still being investigated, however some countries, such as France, restrict the use of WiFi routers in nursery schools. This means that they are aware of the risks and take necessary precautions.

Pregnant woman

Non-ionizing radiation

Electronic devices emit non-ionizing radiation which can be measured to determine a Specific Absorption Rate (SAR). SAR shows the amount of radio frequency (RF) energy that is absorbed by your body.

We are constantly exposed to radiation from electronic devices. Research on the negative effects of radiation exposure is ongoing. Placing an electronic device close to your body means that the impact of the radiation will be higher.

Lower frequency radiation

Lower frequency radiation is generated by a laptop's internal parts, such as processors, memory chips and hard drives.

Higher frequency radiation

Higher frequency radiation is emitted by the transmitters of the laptop when it tries to connect with a WiFi network, wireless devices or Bluetooth receivers.

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Laptop on ekopad



How should ekopad be used?

Place ekopad under your laptop, on your lap or on your desk. It also works with other electronic devices such as tablets or e-readers.

What is the ideal way of using it?

We recommend using ekopad directly beneath your laptop, especially if it has direct contact with your body.

I am using a fan for cooling my laptop, can it work together with ekopad?

Yes, ekopad’s effectiveness will not be reduced if you use it together with a laptop cooling fan. In fact, ekopad has some cooling properties itself; it has been shown to reduce the temperature even by 3-4°C, or 5.4-7.2°F.

What kind of electronic devices can be used with ekopad?

Ekopad is suitable for any electronic device, such as laptops, tablets and e-readers. You can choose your preferred size of S (up to 13”) or M (up to 15”).

Would putting a thin cloth between ekopad and my laptop reduce its effectiveness?

No, no thin material that is put in-between ekopad and your electronic device will reduce ekopad’s effectiveness.

Can I use ekopad if it’s not directly under my laptop (e.g. my laptop is covered in a case against scratches)? Does it work now?

Yes, your laptop case does not reduce ekopad’s effectiveness, and neither does any other object that is put in-between your electronic device and ekopad, provided that it is reasonably thin.

My laptop is way bigger than your largest ekopad, will the radiation level be reduced if I use it beneath it (even though it does not cover it all)?

Yes, the radiation level will always be reduced with ekopad. However, you need to remember that ekopad shields only the area which is right beneath it so you will still be affected by harmful radiation coming from the unprotected area.

Will this be effective if placed under a desktop?

Ekopad has been designed to use it directly under a laptop with its up to 13” or up to 15” size. You can always use it between you and your desktop computer to diminish the harmful effect of EMF emissions, however please keep in mind that in this case we cannot guarantee that it will reduce the radiation level by 98%. If you’re concerned about your health, you may want to work on your computer at a larger distance (as according to the inverse-square law, radiation intensity is inversely proportional to the square of the distance from the source of that radiation).

I am concerned about the general radiation level in my house. I am thinking about inserting ekopad into my pillowcase and sleeping on it, will it be safe and effective?

Yes, in theory, it is completely safe to sleep on ekopad but in order to be protected from EMF radiation, you should rather place your pillow on top of your head than sleep on it. Still, we cannot guarantee that you would be 100% protected but the harmful effects of radiation would be considerably diminished.

Can ekopad be used to protect us from other types of radiation, e.g. emitted by household appliances or the Sun?

Thanks to our unique patented ADR-PRO™ technology, we have been able to protect ekopad’s users against any type of radiation which can be absorbed by water. Our main purpose, however, was to minimise the harmful effect of electromagnetic radiation so EMF protection should be treated as its primary use.

Can ekopad be used to protect my eyes against EMF radiation?

Ekopad protects the area directly beneath it so if it is placed under your laptop, it shields your legs and the abdominal parts of your body. However, you may want to minimise the harmful effect of radiation by working on your computer at a larger distance (as according to the inverse-square law, radiation intensity is inversely proportional to the square of the distance from the source of that radiation).

If I use two ekopads under my laptop, will my protection be twice as strong?

Ekopad has been designed to provide its user with a maximum level of anti-radiation protection possible so that other pads are not needed. Strictly speaking, one ekopad can reduce up to 99% (98.72%) of radiation emitted by your laptop. Therefore, if you add another ekopad, your protection will not double but there may be a slight improvement. However, it still cannot be guaranteed that your protection will rise up to 100%.

Is it light or heavy? How much does it weight?

Thanks to our unique ADR-PRO™ technology, ekopad is extremely light. Its exact weight is only 62g (2.19oz) for 13” and 82g (2.89oz) for 15” so it is very comfortable to carry it with you.

Is it rigid or flexible?

It is flexible, as opposed to our competitors’ products which are equipped with an anti-radiation metal sheet. Thanks to our unique ADR-PRO™ technology, we have been able to create a product that ensures the highest level of anti-radiation protection and is extremely light and flexible at the same time.

Is it textured or smooth? Will it prevent my laptop from sliding?

Ekopad’s surface is made of washable paper which is a latex impregnated cellulose that feels like leather. It is a slightly textured surface but we cannot guarantee that it will prevent your laptop from sliding.

Can it break or wrinkle due to inappropriate folding?

Ekopad has never been proven to break as a result of folding or similar actions. Minor wrinkles may appear with use or due to inappropriate folding but they do not affect ekopad’s anti-radiative properties.

Does it have any smell?

Given that ekopad’s external layer is made of washable paper which is a vegan version of leather, it does have a slight leather-like smell. Other factors may also have an impact on its overall smell (e.g. related to manufacturing, packaging or transport). Also, please keep in mind that each ekopad is handcrafted so slight differences in smell might occur between ekopads.

How long is it effective?

Since the day when our technology was invented, ekopad has never been observed to lose any of its shielding properties. The product is too young to define its lifespan with full certainty but we predict it will maintain its anti-radiative properties for at least 99 years since manufacture date.

Does it wear off? Like, the material it is made of, etc.

This obviously depends on how frequently and intensively the product is used. In general, ekopad’s external layer is made of washable paper which is a highly durable latex-impregnated cellulosic material. However, if you find any defect or damage within the first 12 months of purchase, we will be happy to replace your ekopad with a new one.

What is ekopad made of?

The exact composition of ekopad is our trade secret. In general, it is made from the combination of patented ADR-PRO™ technology and washable paper (vegan leather) certified by Oeko-Tex and Forest Stewardship Council.

What stands behind the ‘washable paper’ term?

Washable paper is a 100% recyclable latex-impregnated cellulose which looks and feels like leather, therefore it is commonly called ‘vegan leather’. It is certified by Oeko-Tex and Forest Stewardship Council. It is elastic and soft yet highly resilient and durable so that it can easily withstand washing and daily use. Its approximate composition is as follows: 4-6% water; 0.5-2% chemicals; 0.5-2% dyes; 5-35% latex; 60-91% cellulose.

What’s so eco about ekopad?

We’ve created our product from carefully selected materials. It is made from the combination of ADR-PRO™ technology and 100% recyclable washable paper certified by Oeko-Tex and Forest Stewardship Council. Mudita believe in an ethically sourced, cruelty-free approach to their products.

Is ekopad constructed with any hazardous materials?

Ekopad is free of environmental hazards and does not contain any dangerous compounds or contaminants.

Can ekopad be recycled?

Ekopad’s external layer is made of 100% recyclable washable paper (vegan leather) certified by Oeko-Tex and Forest Stewardship Council. However, the use of our unique patented ADR-PRO™ technology prevents easy recycling.

Where is ekopad made?

Ekopad is handmade in Poland. We believe in an ethically sourced, humane approach to our products.

How does ADR-PRO™ technology work?

There are two major mechanisms that enable ekopad to protect its user from both low-frequency and high-frequency electromagnetic radiation:

  • Dielectric absorption - against lower frequency radiation (i.e. between 0.01Hz and 100kHz); this type of radiation is absorbed thanks to hydrogen-filled ceramics which is then converted into heat energy low enough (+0.25°C, or 0.45°F, approximately) to have no effect on a device overheating or male fertility.

  • Wave deflection - against higher frequency radiation (i.e. between 100kHz and 9GHz); this type of radiation is deflected from ekopad in an upward direction; given that under the inverse-square law, radiation intensity is inversely proportional to the square of the distance from the source of that radiation, deflected electromagnetic waves have a reduced effect on human health.

Given that ekopad deflects some electromagnetic waves, isn’t even more harmful?

According to the inverse-square law, radiation intensity is inversely proportional to the square of the distance from the source of that radiation. This means that deflected waves are less harmful to human health.

Given that ekopad absorbs some radiation and converts it into heat energy, won’t it contribute to laptop overheating and adversely affect male fertility?

The rise in temperature resulting from the conversion of electromagnetic radiation into heat energy is reasonably low and equals 0.25°C, or 0.45°F, approximately. Moreover, thanks to ekopad’s multilayer composition, heat energy is emitted in a dispersed form. Last but not least, ekopad has some cooling properties itself so the risk that it will contribute to laptop overheating or adversely affect male fertility is basically non-existent.

What if it sucks up all the radiation so that there is no storage left after some time?

Our technology is unique in the sense that it absorbs lower frequency radiation without grounding. In other words, it does not store any radiation (as opposed to our competitors’ products) so it has an indefinite lifespan*.
*The product is too young to define its lifespan with full certainty but we predict it will maintain its anti-radiative properties for 99 years since the day when it was manufactured.

I’m concerned about the heat and radiation coming from the keyboard/monitor, does ekopad protect from upward radiation, too?

The majority of radiation comes from the bottom of an electronic device. Ekopad has not been designed to block EMF radiation emitted by keyboards or monitors, however you could minimise the associated health risks by maintaining a relevant distance away from your computer (as according to the inverse-square law, radiation intensity is inversely proportional to the square of the distance from the source of that radiation).

Does it prevent from overheating, too?

Yes, ekopad also protects you from heating emitted by your electronic device. Initial research has shown that ekopad can reduce the temperature beneath your laptop even by up to 3-4°C, or 5.4-7.2°F.

Was ekopad tested for its anti-radiation properties?

It has been scientifically proven that ekopad blocks up to 98.72% of harmful radiation emitted by electronic devices. This result has been obtained in a certified laboratory at the Institute of Power Engineering, Polish Academy of Sciences, under specific conditions which protect against the influence of external electromagnetic radiation.

How can you say that ekopad shields 98% of electromagnetic radiation? I bought an EMF meter on Amazon and tested it in my house, it shows only XX% reduction.

If your EMF measurement is taken under non-laboratory conditions, your results will be affected by electromagnetic waves in your surrounding, of which there are several sources. Moreover, EMF meters are often inaccurate and they can show different results, all else equal. Therefore, such recordings can be truly misleading and it is not recommended to rely on them.

What if my laptop is always placed on a desk so that it does not touch my body directly? Do I still need ekopad?

It is highly recommended to use ekopad at all times while working on a laptop. In general, the greater the distance between a laptop and your body, the lower the effect of EMF emissions on your health. While it is generally safer to place your laptop on a desk rather than on your lap, typical desks do not protect you from electromagnetic radiation and thus cannot be treated as a substitute for ekopad. Therefore, the answer is yes, you still need ekopad if you wish to minimise the health risks related to EMF radiation.

Will ekopad interfere with my wireless connection? (ekopad seems to have no effect at all on the strength of my wireless connection, so is it actually working?)

No interference with wireless connection has been observed as long as ekopad is correctly placed beneath your laptop. This is because most laptops have their WiFi antennas built in their upper parts. In the case of tablets, cell phones and other small electronic devices, WiFi connection may be interrupted but this should not be treated as a general rule as each case is different.

Most laptops have a WiFi antenna built in their screens. Given that ekopad protects only from downward radiation, does it mean it is useless?

No, this means that such laptops are generally safer for human health but there’s still a need for more protective measures. WiFi-related radiation is not the only type of EMF emissions coming from your electronic device; there’s also low frequency radiation resulting from electronics and power cord that you need to be protected from, so you are always safer with ekopad than without it.

Are you planning to release a clothing line that would protect its users from electromagnetic radiation? Ekopad protects my legs only, leaving the rest of my body fully exposed. In addition, there are EMF emissions coming from other electromagnetic devices in my surrounding which ekopad gives me no protection from. Taking this into account, anti-radiative clothing is the only solution that actually makes sense.

Ekopad has been designed to protect its user from radiation emitted by laptop which has direct contact with your body. Such emissions are most dangerous to human health as according to the inverse-square law, radiation intensity is inversely proportional to the square of the distance from the source of that radiation. Obviously, we are currently working on other EMF protection products that will be released soon so please stay in touch.

Your advertising spot shows that placing ekopad next to a laptop is enough to reduce radiation. How is it possible?

There is both low (electric current) and high (WiFi) frequency radiation which we need to protect ourselves from. Our spot illustrates how ekopad reduces low frequency radiation when a laptop is plugged in. In order to show how ekopad decreases high frequency radiation, we would have to shoot this video in a special chamber in a certified laboratory which would be a costly and difficult procedure. Please be aware of that our spot has been released for marketing purposes, only, and it cannot be treated as a substitute for our scientific research or product testing.

Fear is easy to sell. Such companies prey on people’s lack of scientific knowledge and boost their sales by scaring potential customers.

Based on the WHO’s latest classification of ‘possibly carcinogenic’ threats, there are three possible solutions for us: a) we can ignore this threat; b) we can no longer work with a laptop on our lap; c) we can protect ourselves against this threat, and this is the option we have picked. More research is certainly needed, however the best available evidence shows that we cannot underestimate this threat. We are not surprised by the fact that many people are sceptical about the potentially adverse effects of radiation on human health as this problem is still getting very limited coverage. We have decided to speak out and our team is currently working on a major study which will compile all of the research that has been conducted on this matter up to the present day. We will be more than happy to discuss it once it is published.

Although electromagnetic radiation does exist, it is not strong enough to be a real threat for our health. Mobile phones, laptops and other electronic devices are emitting non-ionizing radiation which poses minimal risk to health.

Research regarding the negative effects of mobile radiation is still ongoing but one thing is certain: there is not enough evidence to suggest that it is entirely neutral to human health. We strongly believe that it is always better to stay on the safe side and take all the precautionary measures that will help us maintain good health in the future. Given that the long-term effects of mobile radiation are still unknown, we think it’s a wise approach, at least for the next 10 years before more data are available.

Further reading:
1. Behari, J. et al. (2012) Electromagnetic Field Exposure Effects (ELF-EMF and RFR) on Fertility and Reproduction [Online] (Accessed 03.08.2017)
2. Gorpinchenko, I. (2014) The influence of direct mobile phone radiation on sperm quality [Online] (Accessed 03.08.2017)
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If non-ionising radiation posed real threat to health, then there would have been a gigantic leap in cancer incidence in the past 20 years as people have been using mobiles. The fact that hasn’t happened indicates it’s not needed.

Such reasoning is based on false presumptions. The case of smoking is a great example here: the incidences of cancer in the first 20 years after the popularization of smoking came as a surprise. If you started smoking as a teenager, you might expect lung cancer not in your twenties but maybe in your fifties or sixties. The same situation is likely to happen with non-ionising radiation but it may still be too early to observe such problems.

Why is ekopad better than other anti-radiation products on the market?

1. Ekopad blocks both low and high frequency radiation. The majority of our competitors products only reduce high frequencies.
2. Ekopad is the only EMF protection pad in the world which absorbs lower frequency radiation without grounding.
3. Ekopad is lighter than any other pad (it weighs only 2.19oz, or 62g).
4. Our unique technology has enabled us to create a fully flexible product which can be easily bent. Our competitors’ products in turn are equipped with a metal sheet which makes them stiff and heavy so that they are exceptionally unhandy in daily use.

Who would benefit from using ekopad?

Although most of us use electronic devices on a daily basis, one group of people use them more so than any other. People working in the IT industry, freelance writers or office workers are exposed to smartphone and laptop radiation during most of their day. Surrounded by devices day in day out, they are placing themselves in a potentially harmful position and are more vulnerable to the long-term health effects of radiation.

Pregnant women should be aware of the fact that, according to a WHO report, there is a link between prenatal radiation exposure and development issues in children. Scientific research found that maternal mobile phone use during pregnancy may be associated with an increased risk of behavioural problems – particularly hyperactivity or inattention problems.

Long-term exposure to non-ionizing radiation may cause fertility problems in men, so if you are trying to have a baby, it is especially important to reduce your radiation exposure. Radiation can affect sperm motility, vitality and cause DNA fragmentation, as proven by scientific research.

Can ekopad be folded?

Ekopad cannot be folded, but it is flexible.

My ekopad has accidentally fallen in the water, will it still be working?

Yes, water has no influence on the degree of protection provided by ekopad. In theory, you could even go diving with it and its effectiveness would remain the same. The only risk is that the seams may unravel a bit but this does not affect the overall protection level. Also, please ensure that ekopad is entirely dry before using it so that your electronic device has no contact with water.

Can air temperature have an adverse effect on it?

No, air temperature has no effect on ekopad’s effectiveness. It can be used in extreme hot (up to 50°C/122°F) or cold (below 0°C/32°F) temperatures. What is more, it will not be affected by abrupt climate changes or extreme humidity levels either.

The material on ekopad’s surface has been damaged but the internal layer seems untouched (my dog was chewing it/it was crushed by a car/etc.), will it still work or do I have to buy a new one?

As long as the internal silver layer has been intact, ekopad’s effectiveness will not be reduced. Obviously, it all depends on the extent of damage; if there are only minor perforations, ekopad should still work; however, if a significant fraction has been torn away, your protection will be reduced and in this case, it is recommended to buy a new ekopad.

Can I take it on board the aircraft or will it be confiscated by airport security?

Ekopad can be taken on board the aircraft and there is no risk it would be damaged by airport scanning. It should not beep while crossing the gate but we recommend putting it in a separate box with electronic devices.

What will happen if somebody cuts it through?

If ekopad is cut through, the protection level will be reduced and it is highly recommended to buy a new one. The reason is that as a result of cutting, a micro hole will appear and it will be possible for electromagnetic waves to go through it and affect your health. ekopad works as a vacuum chamber and all its parts need to be perfectly fitted to ensure its full effectiveness.

Is it safe to use ekopad by anybody, regardless of their age or medical condition/disorder?

Yes, ekopad is completely safe to be used by people of all ages and regardless of their medical condition or disorder. The product is highly recommended to be used by expectant mothers as well as children who are most sensitive to electromagnetic radiation because their nervous and immune systems are not fully developed yet. The only contraindication involves people who are allergic to latex as washable paper (ekopad’s external layer) is in fact latex-impregnated cellulose.

Are there any conditions under which it will not be working? (sun exposure, extreme temperatures, etc.)

There are no known or observed conditions under which ekopad will not be working. We have tested its effectiveness against increased sun exposure, extreme air temperatures, extreme climate changes, increased humidity levels, etc., and it has always been proved to work. However, if you have observed any conditions under which ekopad seems not to be working correctly, we would be happy to hear from you at

I suffer from electrosensitivity and have not observed any change (still feel tingling in my hands and legs, etc.)

We are happy to inform you that our patented ADR-PRO™ technology provides you with the highest level of anti-radiation protection. The study conducted by the Institute of Power Engineering, Polish Academy of Sciences, has shown that ekopad blocks up to 99% of harmful radiation. It is unique in the sense that it protects its user from both lower and higher frequency radiation. This means that people suffering from electrosensitivity should feel a real difference, in particular they should no longer experience any tingling or skin irritation in the lower part of their body (i.e. the area protected by ekopad).

How can I clean ekopad?

Ekopad is best wipe-cleaned using an antibacterial wipe. It is not a good idea to submerge ekopad in water. Although chemical based cleaning sprays will not affect ekopad’s anti-radiative properties, it can increase the risk of damage. Please bear in mind that this would be treated as consumer-induced damage which is not covered by our warranty.

Is ekopad covered by warranty?

We guarantee that the ekopad you buy has been checked and is free from defects. However, our product is handmade. If you find any defect within 12 months of purchase we will replace your ekopad with a new one. You just need to return the original one with proof of purchase and description of the damage. This warranty doesn’t include improper use, damage by accident or neglect, temparing or overuse. This warranty works in addition to the statutory rights of the buyer.

What is the shipment cost?

Shipping costs are determined by the courier. You can check the price of shipment in our online shop.

Why is electromagnetic radiation harmful?

Electromagnetic radiation is known to affect the human body in various ways. In 2011, non-ionizing radiation was classified as a possible carcinogen by the World Health Organization. The National Toxicology Program provided a solid two-year study on mice and rats exposed to radiation. It showed that animals exposed to this kind of radiation are more likely to develop brain tumors in the future. There is also evidence to support the claim that exposure to radio frequency (RF) waves emitted by electronic devices can cause inconvenient side effects such as slightly raised blood pressure at the time of use. The potential risks of long-term exposure to radiation are still being studied.

What is the difference between non-ionizing radiation and ionizing radiation?

Ionizing radiation operates on high frequency and is powerful enough to free an electron from its molecule. It is used in radiation therapy or when you go for an x-ray. Non-ionizing radiation is emitted by electronic devices and it may affect your health via thermal and non-thermal effects. Non-ionizing radiation includes: ultraviolet radiation, visible light and electric or magnetic fields as those which occur in technology and medicine.

What is the difference between Radio Frequency (RF) and Extremely Low Frequency (ELF) in my laptop?

Radio frequency is higher frequency radiation emitted by the transmitters of the laptop when it tries to connect with a WiFi network, wireless devices or Bluetooth receivers. Lower frequency radiation, sometimes also known as Extremely Low Frequency (ELF), is generated by a laptops internal parts, such as: processors, memory chips and hard drives. Ekopad blocks both: RF and ELF radiation.

When is laptop radiation most hazardous?

Laptop radiation can be especially harmful because it affects your body in the long-term. The most hazardous impact it has is when your laptop is used in direct contact with your body, for example on your lap. Radiation levels can be dangerously high when a laptop is used too close.

I’ve never heard of the adverse health effects of radiation. Why should I care?

The subject is relatively new. Electronic devices have changed over the past few years. Nowadays, we are accustomed to constant use of portable computers and mobile phones, with no limitations.

If you check the user manual attached to any electronic device, you will find information stating that it should be kept at a safe distance from your body. People should be aware that extensive use of electronic devices is not neutral for their long-term health. If you’d like to be safe, it’s better to reduce your radiation exposure. With ekopad, it’s possible.