The lecture: Neuroscience of Digital Distractions

In June, the Mudita team attended an insightful talk by Dr. Anastasia Dedyukhina. It was a great speech dedicated to understanding how the internet is changing our brain.

First five steps to becoming a digital minimalist

The idea of digital minimalism is not to reduce how much time you spend online, but rather to focus on what really matters, and ignore all the rest.

72 Hours Offline: A Digital Detox Experience

When was the last time you couldn’t turn to technology as a crutch? By taking a digital detox and limiting your choices to offline pursuits, you might find yourself engaging in activities you’ve missed. Activities which may have been considered ‘things you don’t have time to do’.

What Mudita actually means?

The word “Mudita” comes from Pali, an ancient Indian language, and doesn’t have a direct translation into English. Each time we meet someone, we need to spend some time explaining what it means and why we decided to give this name to our company.

Healthy Body & Mind in a Digital Era

We live in a world of information overload, so most of us experience constant distractions. In order to live happily in a digital era we should learn how to find deeper focus, build authentic relationships and use technology in a responsible way.

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